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Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

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Joy Garnett, "Painting Mass Media"

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Remember seeing this video couple of years ago, thought it was brilliant and I've found it again.

The teacher's guide to Creative Commons licenses

The Creative Commons licenses are crucial tools for making and using Open Educational Resources (OER).

The Case for Appropriation: Rob Storr

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Rob Storr provides a clear introduction and overview of the historical and contemporary issues around artists and appropriation specifically 'originality', appropriation an

4th session Introduction into digital copyright

We had our 4th session of the professional online identities project on Monday, the students who did a

IPR animation experiments

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This is a very short video example of a possible future work the UAL DIAL project hope to follow up next year in collaboration with UALs Own-IT team in experimenting with n

Why Openness in Education Matters:

This is the online repository for my Open Education Practice Development (AE3) report.

A Tribute To The Remix (In Comic Sans)

Project update  (1 of 3)                                              

IP Strategy Blog

The new Intellectual Property Strategy blog charts the progress of the development of the new IP policy and strategy and is intended to make the process open and consultative.