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The free online Intellectual Property Rights for Educational Environments course is a HEFCE funded, and Higher Education Academy (HEA)/JISC managed, project created to introduce and build awar

EGOER and IP-OER (case study example) in open arts practice

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Relationships and tensions between teaching practice and OEP practice.

Case study: open educational practice & Intellectual property

Feedback from focus groups and from general discussions shows a great deal of confusion and lack of general clarity and understanding as the main IPR problems for staff.

Open Access #### read the article on current issue 173 of Radical Philosophy

I want to call the attention on the current issue of Radical Philosophy as it contains an article strongly related to practices discussed on Process Arts, either regarding learning or, as in this c

Own-it - intellectual property (IP) advice

Own-it offers intellectual property (IP) advice , information and learning resources for the creative sector.

Art and Appropriation - when does artistic freedom become copyright infringement?

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Artist David Mabb reflects on past projects and works, including his appropriation of patterns and designs by William Morris and a run-in with Mangum Photos.

Choosing a creative commons licence on process.arts

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Question: I'm a little confused about this Licencing. I don't know what to select to classify the work?

Answer: Please see videos and links below:

The appropriation artist

The use and reuse of rich media is familiar territory for artists and a fundamental part of arts practice, below are some recent examples of artist appearing in high profile court cases defending t

ccMixter Creative Commons licensed music site

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ccMixter is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, ma

Free music/sound sites

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These are some of the tasty creative_commons_music bookmarks petecranston has saved on Delicious, copyright free music websites here:

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