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Language & Culture TDP

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I short video summary of my interviews with International Asian students studying Graphic Design on the CCW Foundation in Art & Design course.

Why Do We Need a Generation of Innovative, Adaptable, Creative and Open Minded Graduates in the 21st Century?

I had my first day of uni today, I am embarking on a BA in Education, Culture and Society at Goldsmiths.

How We Perceive Other Cultures

Have you ever traveled somewhere and you noticed people do things differently which seems strange? E.g.

First Impressions

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I arrived in Comox, BC, Canada two days ago. Everyday I am discovering this place in so many different ways and slowly adjusting to Canadian culture.

DIAL project: defining digital identity & practice

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Open discussion 18/01/12 around issues being addressed by the DIAL project.

My Fine Art Project

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I shall start by introducing who I am, I am a student on the foundation year at Wimbledon.