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Digital Integration into Arts Learning

An overview of UALs development of digital literacies: The DIAL project by Nancy Turner

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Introduction to the DIAL project and UALs Communities of Practice approach in the development of digital literacies by Nancy Turner.

DIAL projects: Active, ongoing, new and emerging

The DIAL project methodology is to identify mutually supportive communities of staff and students within the larger university community (based on cours

DIAL project 2-minute video update

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A video overview of the DIAL (Digital Integration into Arts Learning) project part of the JISC Developing Digital Literacies programme - http://dial.myblog.

DIAL project: defining digital identity & practice

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Open discussion 18/01/12 around issues being addressed by the DIAL project.

DIAL project documents

Attached are documents for the DIAL project - many of the documents are draft documents and will be replaced daily with updated versions.


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DIAL: Digital Integration into Arts Learning

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DIAL focuses on the development of digital literacies in Arts Higher Education with the prima