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Digital Maker Collective Profiles

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The Digital Maker Collective is made up of over 200 individuals who have shown an interest in the Digital Maker Collective, many attending or participating in activities, workshops & events offered by the Collective. Many of the 200+ interested parties either choose to just keep in touch via our online communications interested in keeping up-to-date with the Collective progress or they become active members (see individual profiles below).

Digital Maker Collective Activities, Workshops & Events:

Chelsea Jam was our first Digital Maker gathering 'CCW Digital MakerSpace' event on May 13th 2015 at Chelsea College of Arts. See a selection of images from the Chelsea Jam here. The 'Pop Up Digital Maker Space' project was hugely successful in supporting staff & student collaborations around technologies and interest/ enquiry led learning.  Between the 16th & 20th May 2016 CCW Digital Learning, Teaching & Enhancement held its first CCW Digital Maker Week, which welcomed over 400+ visitors from Wimbledon to St Petersburg.  We continue to hold regular meet-ups and plan activities & projects, which led to the formation of the Digital Maker Collective are an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, alumni.

Upcoming events:

Mozilla Festival
(MozFest 16) Oct 28-30

Tate Exchange

Active Members of the Digital Maker Collective:

The members below are individual volunteers who make up the Digital Maker Collective, members participate and contribute on a regular basis online & offline by either attending or running meet-ups, meetings and workshops and help plan future activities and deliver events such as MozFest. The Collective hold regular meet-ups in the CCW Digital projects Space at Chelsea (A216). We also meet in other UAL colleges and at the Tate, in the Tate Exchange. The Collective also collaborate with other groups & clusters across UAL and externally. To get involved see - Contact & Communication Digital Maker Collective

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Rosie Munro Kerr

Joey Phinn

Gemma Maria La Rocca - Chelsea

Nicola Rae

Daniel Bandfield

Alejandro Escobar

Kristina Thiele

Peter Maloney

Grzesiek Sedek

Chris Follows

Mika Suetake

New Digital Maker Collective Members


Aurelie Freou

Kirstin Barnes


Past Members (active):

Past members who have either graduated or are off exploring other stuff. Once a member of the Digital Maker Collective always a member of the Digital Maker Collective Always


Sonia Bensouda

Robin Leverton


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