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Digital Zoo

Digital Zoo Meetups July 11th & 12th

Digital Zoo Meetups!

Physical Computing and IOT Information

IOT: Internet of Things. A concept encompassing the increasing inter-connectivity of physical objects via the internet.

Arduino Yun and Websockets

I've spent the last two weeks or so trying to connect an Arduino Yun to a server using websockets.

The CCW Digital Zoo: A Collaborative Project

In order to lend the Digital Makers Collective Collaborative P

Collaborative Digital Project Meet-Up & Digital Play 13 & 14-06-16

Collaborative Digital Project all day Meet-Up & Digital Play Drop-in anytime on Monday 13 June between 1:30 to 4pm and on Tuesday 10am to 4pm. 

Collaborative Digital Project Kick off Meeting (Student Led)

Collaborative Digital Project (Student Led) - Kick off Meeting Wednesday 8th June at 12pm