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Virtually Real Open Education OER17 Presentation Slides

Theme: Participation & Social Equality Author: Chris Follows

This Will Revolutionize Education

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I agree its a L&T evolution not revolution, its what we do with new forms of social interaction and environments in L&T that's important.

Digital summary of my ITunes OEP project

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My OER project attempts to use ITunes U as a platform to deliver focused technical theory to students in a self contained and self standing environment.

AE3 Support work presentation

This work supports my OER project submission, but is not my digital summary. Please see my content for the digital summary.

YouTube and Vimeo for Education

An introduction to Vimeo and YouTube and an overview of the potential for using these web-based video services in teaching, learning and research.

Why Do We Need a Generation of Innovative, Adaptable, Creative and Open Minded Graduates in the 21st Century?

I had my first day of uni today, I am embarking on a BA in Education, Culture and Society at Goldsmiths.

DRUPALCON 2012, the state of Drupal and Academia

From an informal discussion group today emerged the need for cohesion among departments, universities and the various individuals using Drupal.

Process.arts nominated for the 2012 People's Choice Awards

UPDATE: Congratulations to Winner: African Virtual University voted the "Most Progressive" resource in the second O

NUS a new charter on Technology in Higher Education

NUS has produced a new charter on Technology in Higher Education.

A day in the Gulf Islands Schools

Whilst traveling in BC, I visited the Gulf Islands. I first stopped by the High School on Salt Spring Island which is the school that has most impressed me so far.