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OER13 audio recording EGO, OER and LSP (Lego Serious Play)

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Audio recording OER13 talking EGO, OER and LSP (Lego Serious Play) also view on Youtube.

Eckhart Tolle: Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age

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In a world and era where we are immersed in information and technology, a pressing question seems to

EGOER and open practice identities Abstract and Full Paper

OER13 Abstract: In this presentation Chris Follows with discuss the benefits and challenges of developing an open practice identity (OPI).

How to drop your ego and assert your essence identity (real I) Eckhart Tolle

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The ego is humans greatest enemy but is has to be understood and 'not' treated as a enemy but neither as a friend. Eckhart Tolle explains 'why'..

EGOER and open practice identities

Draft paper for OER13 EGOER and open practice identities: In this pre