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Fashion identity

Definitive Rise of the Neo- Drape

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Swati Rao and Shalini Sud

Rise of the Neo- Drape: Redefining the Fashion Identity of India    Swati Rao Bangalore, India swatirao19

Nathaniel Dafydd Beard

Dynamic Circulations, Identity, and the Contemporary ‘Exotic’    Nathaniel Dafydd Beard Royal College of Art

Linda Welters

Non-Western Dress In The West    Linda Welters University of Rhode Island, USA

Revital Madar

Creating Identity Outside Of The Exposed Body   Revital Madar University of Tel-Aviv, Israel madarevital@gmail

Katherine Ladd

Africa, Meet Africa: Concoctions Of Identity In West African Textiles   Katherine Ladd University of Brighton, UK

Miriam J. Woods

Machine-Sewing Traditional Clothing in Tajikistan: National Fashion, Individual Artistry   Miriam J.

Liu Yu

How Did the National Qipao Become the Hottest Trend During the Republic of China?   Liu Yu  Donghua University, Chi

Raul Vazquez and Jose Blanco F.

Lost in Design: The Absence (Mostly) of Cultural Heritage in Puerto Rican Fashion Design   Raul Vazquez University of Georgia

Angela Finn and Amanda Smith

Built for Niche: Rethinking the Role of Manufacturing in Developing Designer Fashion in New Zealand   Angela Finn Auckland Un