This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

The Public Domain Project download free historic media files for your creative projects

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The Public Domain Project Download thousands of historic media files for your creative projects. Completely free:

About the UAL ArtsBox Service

UAL has its own in-house file ‘dropbox’ facility ArtsBox which  allows staff to transfer large files to and from the university, without h

Images of the 2nd Non-Western Fashion Conference

Please visit our Facebook page for images on the 2nd Non-Western Fashion Conference:

Free Icon Images

Some great free icon images, "128 carefully drawn illustrations of all kinds of pretty things around us — a bike, birthday cake, watch, traffic light, game console, doug

Full page screen grab with Paparazzi

Paparazzi is a great bit of free software for capturing full page screen grabs of web sites. 

8 Best Apps for Team Collaboration

As more and more apps utilize the cloud's file-storing and -sharing capabilities, remote team collaboration becomes even easier.

The Visual Resources Association

The Visual Resources Association is a multi-disciplinary, international professional organization dedicated to furthering research and education in the field of media management within the educatio

Rijksmuseum 125k works of art can be freely downloaded

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All of the images in our collection are high resolutions, so the printout of your favorite works will look great, as a poster, for example, or you can even download them and make something yourself

The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online.