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Three Flies - An Interactive Audio Visual Installation

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I’ve been fond of flies for a while now.  I first really noticed their beauty when three of them danced above me a little while ago.  They gently interrupted me o

final show installations

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For the final exhibition, I have been working with paintings in a site specific manner – situating them in certain locations t

Final Installation with sound

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I brought a Dictaphone into the woods, and took several sound recordings of a variety of things that I heard on my visit.

Church Installation

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I have been working with sketch up to design my church installation, the program has allowed me to develop my ideas further; now I am aware of where I am going to place objects within the space, I

The Circular Ruin

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The Circular Ruin - Documentation of an Installation (2minutes 41seconds)

Final Installation

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This is my final design using sketch up.