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intellectual property

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

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A Tribute To The Remix (In Comic Sans)

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Case study: open educational practice & Intellectual property

Feedback from focus groups and from general discussions shows a great deal of confusion and lack of general clarity and understanding as the main IPR problems for staff.

Nicola Searle - The Intellectual Property Paradox of Fashion, Presented at Fashion Colloquia Milan 15th Feb 2012

Dr. Nicola Searle is an economist specialising in Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries (

Own-it - intellectual property (IP) advice

Own-it offers intellectual property (IP) advice , information and learning resources for the creative sector.

DIAL UAL Baseline report


Designing Fashion through Social Media using Collective Intelligence

Debate: What are we worth? 5 Parts

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What are we worth? Artists and the Economic Crisis is the first in a new series of debates by Artquest, the Contemporary Art Society and DACS.

Cognitive capitalism

I recently attended an ICA Discussion 'The Trouble With Art School' The event itself for me failed to live up to expectations and the organisers saved no time for debate, there was a l