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International Non-Western Fashion Conference

Non-Western Fashion Conference Programme

2nd International Non-Western Fashion Conference Constructing National Identity <

Non-Western Fashion Conference Practical Information


Rootstein Hopkins Space (1st floor)

London College of Fashion

University of the Arts London

Abby Lillethun

The Photograph and Fashionable African Men    Abby Lillethun Montclair State University lillethuna@mail.m


The Non-Western Fashion Conference is now on Twitter @NonWestFashion and the hash tag for the conference is

Swati Rao and Shalini Sud

Rise of the Neo- Drape: Redefining the Fashion Identity of India    Swati Rao Bangalore, India swatirao19

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Babette Radclyffe-Thomas

The New Shanghai Xiaojie: Chinese Fashion Identities   Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas ​London College of Fashion n.

Katalin Medvedev

Old motifs for new motives: Looking for the roots of change in the contemporary Cambodian fashion scene   Katalin Medvedev Th

Yuniya Kawamura

Fashion-ology Part II: Constructing A Theory of Non-Western Fashion/Dress   Yuniya Kawamura Fashion Institute of Technology

Özlem Dilber

Middle-Class Women’s Identity During the First Years of the Turkish Republic: Fashion and Beauty in the Popular Women’s Magazines of 1920s

Christine Tsui

The Origin Of “Fashion” In Chinese: Imported Or Created?   Christine Tsui China