This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

International Non-Western Fashion Conference

Raul Vazquez and Jose Blanco F.

Lost in Design: The Absence (Mostly) of Cultural Heritage in Puerto Rican Fashion Design   Raul Vazquez University of Georgia

Angela Finn and Amanda Smith

Built for Niche: Rethinking the Role of Manufacturing in Developing Designer Fashion in New Zealand   Angela Finn Auckland Un

Amanda Ericsson

The Life of a Dress, Mexico   Amanda Ericsson The University of Boras    

Irene Pogoson

Re-traditionalisation, Competition or Aided Warfare?

OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury

The Uniform: Queer Reading Palestinian Dress   OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury Birzeit University Museum (Palestine) and London Coll

Emma McClendon

Accessorized with Politics: Alexey Sorokin's Modern Russian Look at New York Fashion Week   Emma McClendon The Museum at

Leslie Rabine

Symbolic Economies of the Logo:  Contemporary Senegalese Streetwear in Historic Perspective   Leslie Rabine University o

Jennifer Craik

Australian Indigenous Inspirations in Contemporary Fashion: Scratching the Surface or Channeling the Country?   Jennifer Craik

Reina Lewis

Forging Contemporary Muslim Styles Across Intersecting Fashion Systems   Reina Lewis LCF, University of the Arts, UK


Emma Dick

The Business of Constructing Female Identity Through Fashion in Uzbekistan   Emma Dick  Middlesex University, UK