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OER reuse

Combining Creative Commons licenses for OERs

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Second part of Creating OER and Combining Licenses - Full  - This video is intended to help you choose comp

Creating OER and Combining Licenses - Full

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This video is intended to help you choose compatible resources and choose a valid license for your work.

Slipcasting tutorial (virtual editing experiment)

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Final edit of a three stage virtual editing experiment, how to co-edit a learning video without being in the same room as the video editor.

Sand Casting - PART ONE with Philip White and Jenny Dunseath

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PART ONE - Sand Casting Process with Philip White and Jenny Dunseath in the foundry at Camberwell college of Art London.

Co-editing experiment

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This video demonstrates a really low tech, quick demonstration/example/experiment of how an editor and a content producer could save time and edit together without having to be in the same space, l

OER (Open Educational resources) Reuse

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JISC OER Impact project - See My Notes The first UK study of OER reuse can be viewed in the findings of the JISC OER Impact project which

OER websites

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Open Educational Resources (OERs) are learning and teaching materials and resources which have been made freely available on open web in repositories and website for use and re-use by others, OERs

Open Educational Resources: The Value of Use

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The University of Oxford recently released their JISC funded

Generic ceramics course

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As part of the ALTO project the aim is to create a generic course in Ceramics.

Designs on elearning conference: OER reuse stories

Title: OER reuse stories: exploring reuse of open educational