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10 community tools for online collaboration

A useful overview of community tools for online collaboration article is part of Jono Bacon's Six Degrees column where he shares his thoughts and perspecti

Chelsea Jam CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Chelsea Jam: CCW Digital MakerSpace day | May 13th 2015 |

Slides for GNU/Linux Alternative apps, Backing up and choosing distro

Please see attached the presentation slides from the last event discussing alternative and open source software here:

About Drupal UAL (related group)

This is a quick introduction to Drupal UAL, this project aims to encourage and develop a new open support network for UAL staff and students to explore, experiment and share ideas and knowledge of

DRUPALCON 2012, Open source software and GPL 2

It's useful to remind ourselves, and to whoever works with Open Source Software, the role of GPL 2 llicense, which is the license Drupal u

DRUPAL CON 2012 Munich /**/ a possibibily for students to join the Drupal community

From 20 to 24 August this year, the Drupal community will gather in Munich.

How to make a ball and socket joint for stop motion armature

A really great example of using online blogs and media to support complex workshop work from Steve wood and his brilliant blog

Open source use at UAL?

A member of staff emailed:  a point he wished to made, the email was made in response to a meeting regarding open education at UAL and addressed both UALs  DIAL and ALTO projects which are about op