This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Gareth Jones TDP video summary

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Proposed student resource for CSM Archway 3d workshops.

Professional Development Canvas by Dennis Morrison

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TDP Video Summary - How can the introduction of self-evaluation frameworks help prepare students for the working world?

TDP Video - From Verbal to Visual

Teaching Stop Motion Animation In-class

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Video describing my intervention for the Teaching Development Project of my PG Cert.

Can a use of fictional structures applied to the group critique, encourage greater student engagement?

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This is a video by Anne-Marie Creamer, as part of the PG Cert, TDP video summary. 

CLTAD Teaching Development Projects

This group contains a collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects complete

TDP: Communication and participation in the crit

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Will enabling students to define the evaluation criteria, establish a shared language framework and identify ‘best practice’ in a crit, achieve an active arena of student communication

How Can Conceptual Thresholds And Outcome-Based Teaching Improve Software Learning?

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The main intervention described in this report was directed at my film editing software induction course and implemented ‘constructive alignment’ to practice.

Striking a balance between practice and open practice ?

Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment? Chris Follows, University of the arts London 2011