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SCORE reflections

The Case for Appropriation: Rob Storr

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Rob Storr provides a clear introduction and overview of the historical and contemporary issues around artists and appropriation specifically 'originality', appropriation an

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Examples of when process.arts has worked particularly well for students (1st draft)

We're looking to gather some process.arts case studies and stories of how process.arts is being used, please add your comments below.

Process.arts overview and context (1st draft)

process.arts is an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research

process.arts has maintained a sustainable and

The amazing adventures of tomatOER

I was invited to Oriole Really Re(Useful) Retreat by Chris Pegler at the Open University, event

Core materials OER

The core.materials project has been funded by the JISC and HEAcademy

Information underload, identity, the myth of information overload

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Really interesting talk, I like the idea of information underload, creating and finding tacit content and relational identity. We've been exploring this on process.arts.

The Underground Curriculum

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The Underground Curriculum is an education system running parallel to the conventional system.

AccessArt: How to use pencil measurements in life drawing

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Recently came across AccessArt a charity committed to furthering the advancement o

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

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For more than a decade, we’ve been waging a war on our kids in the name of the 20th Century’s model of “copyright law.” In this, the last of his books about copyright, Lawre