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Create a ball/sphere shape in sketchup

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Making a ball/sphere shape and general Sketch up notes (Mac) Wimbledon College of Art 2011

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28 - Cardboard sphere

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Making a prototype, sketch model, or maquette is often a useful step in identifying at an early stage some of the practical issues that lie ahead.

54 - Cast aluminium sphere

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Creating an object in separate components to be combined later can often help to overcome technical or production problems, see paper sphere,

53 - Pool ball cube

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An attempt to combine the cube and the sphere in one object.

51 - Wire sphere

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Made with the same type of wire as object , the sphere is quickly built up using soldered curved sections with a radius of 6-cm.

50 - Iron wire ball

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The material is black iron annealed wire, 16 standard wire gauge, soft, and satisfying to bend between finger and thumb.

45 - Cut paper sphere

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Using a pattern printed onto cartridge paper, sections are carefully cut using a scalpel.

44 - Plaster sphere

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A reasonably accurate sphere can be made easily by hand from wire mesh (chicken wire), scrim and plaster.

42 - latex sphere

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Cast using the same plaster mould see slide as object41, see slide,and object etc the technique is to fill the mould entirely, allow the outer “skin; to thi

41 - Beeswax sphere

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Using the same plaster mould as object 06, the beeswax is poured in its molten state into the mould which has previously been soaked in water in order to fa