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Technical Arts

Victoria Beaton 2006 on foundation before starting her technical Arts BA

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Video interview of Victoria Beaton at WCA foundation 2006...

Art Pose - Posing Tool for Artists

Came across some Tech Arts students talking about this app Art Pose - Posing Tool for Artists.

Ways into the VFX industry

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Ways into the VFX industry So, you want to work in the VFX industry?  Don't know where to start?

Robbie Pacquett Technical Arts and special effects

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In this video Robbie Pacquett talks about how he went about making his degree show work at Wimbledon College of Art, interviewed bet Chris Follows, towards the end of this video we see Robbie in hi

Will Pearce - Wimbledon graduate

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Will Pearce is Head of puppets and masks for Disney's Lion King production at the Lyceum theatre in Covent Garden, London.

Wimbledon Technical Arts talking about her animation project

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Ruth, Wimbledon Technical Arts talking about her animation project.

Victoria Beaton Tech Arts 2009

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Wimbledon Technical Arts student Victoria Beaton

talking about her final degree show piece for her show in 2009

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Life size cartoon Resin models

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Life size resin models of two cartoon characters created from 2D cartoon drawings for an exhibition in Stoke on Trent, these images show the process from beginning to end.

Daniel Hoskins Wimbledon Technical Arts student talking about his work 2009

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Wimbledon College of Art, Technical Arts student Daniel Hoskins talking about his final dgree show piece for his show in 2009. Video by Chris Follows Process Arts projects.

34 - Mechanical box

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Disciplines that are concerned with movement or time may utilize many forms of energy, either as a simple means to an end; a revolving stage and/or as a away of influencing an outcome.