This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017


Virtually Real Open Education OER17 Presentation Slides

Theme: Participation & Social Equality Author: Chris Follows

Student-Led Discussion: Digital Technology & the Arts

As part of CCW Digital Maker Week from 16th to 20th May 2016, there will be a student-led round tab

How artificial intelligence will make technology disappear

A recording from a really interesting event and presentation about Artificial intelligence (AI the ability to create autonomy in artificial agents) what AI is (and isn’t), foster constructive

Ande Gregson Fab Lab London - A story of serendipity - Lunchtime presentation at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Ande Gregson, Co-founder Fab Lab London and creative technologist. Exploring the intersection of science, arts & technology.

Student Survey on Digital Experience - iPad mini as prize

Call for Papers! Art of Disruptive Engagement - Designs on E-Learning 2013

Open Educational Resources: The Value of Use

See video

The University of Oxford recently released their JISC funded