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UAL badges

Open UAL badges DIAL pilot design project

The DIAL project designer will be given the task of researching and designing a series of ‘open badge icon images’ for the DIAL project to pilot alongside our current projects and the The Professional Online Identities POI Programme.

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Image left: Open badges anatomy (CC BY SA - Kyle Bowen)

DIAL Badges development

This is the first section of the development looks into a few of the aspects that came up in our first meeting.

Drupal UAL team and developers

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UAL badges first meeting

DIAL applied and received a small amount of funding to explore badges designs, following our first meeting there seems to be great potential for badges especially with potential use with SEE f

Open UAL badges DIAL pilot design project

The DIAL project has proposed the following design brief for a student designer from the new 20:20 Design funding call an ArtsTemps funded project, aimed at offering more internal design oppor