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web design

Meeting #1 CSM : Press Play

The students in attendance were from BA Criticism, Communication and Curation, with varying interests in this field.

Firebug a powerful web development tool

The most popular and powerful web development tool   

Drupal Con Munich 2012 / An opportunity to enhance students' HE experience

I want to signal to the community the series of talks hosted at this year summer meeting of the Drupal community which are

DRUPAL CON 2012 Munich /**/ a possibibily for students to join the Drupal community

From 20 to 24 August this year, the Drupal community will gather in Munich.

Internet Explorer CSS issues //***// a starting point to get our heads around them

Here's the address of a pretty well done blog introducing to the main 'dirty' and more conventional ways of resolving issues related to style sheets when dealing with IE (from version 6

Stack Overflow / an useful forum of highly skilled developers / (somewhere I read they're working with Facebook as well)

heres' the link to Stack Overflow, a forum of Q&As packed with fundamental info on web design and programming.

'Google Code Playground' offers a good training 'gym' for web coding

very very useful page filled up with web codes.