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web development

Web development: Session 2

Web development: Session 2 | Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

Introduction to web development: Session 1

Introduction to web development: Session 1 | Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

SHOW & TELL event 16/09/13 Platform Theatre & Bar, CSM

The DIAL project and Drupal UAL team will be presenting a PechaKucha session at 14.40, we'll be showcasing the Free Open Source Web Development community of practice: See

What is a Drupal?

To help explain what Drupal is, it may be helpful to understand what Drupal isn’t or what makes it different from other web software.

Drupal drop-in sessions at LCC and LCF

As part of the DIAL project  and UAL Communities o

Banner files for Drupal UAL

Please see attached below Banner files including photoshop docs for Professional Online Identities project. 

Firebug a powerful web development tool

The most popular and powerful web development tool   

Process.arts functionality requirements for an open practice platform

Below is a basic list of process.arts existing core functionality and additional functionality identified through site use for future development.

list of Drupal distributions for Higher Education

to recap on the possible configuration for a drupal distro to come for UAL

this is the Open Academy distribution

Drupal Con Munich 2012 / An opportunity to enhance students' HE experience

I want to signal to the community the series of talks hosted at this year summer meeting of the Drupal community which are