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02 - Coloured acrylic cube

Coloured acrylic cube
Collection of coloured acrylic off-cuts.
Acrylic block being worked on a disc sander.

The coloured acrylic of this piece consists of those scrap pieces found around the machines in the workshop that have been used to shape the components of student work, over a period of approximately two years.

Some parts are not complete rectangles but either hollow or pieced together as in the central black and white section. The colours are random in that they are not chosen by myself, up to the point at which they become repeated symmetrically around the central axis.

Overestimating the amount of material needed for a project is commonly seen as good practice particularly where the process involves a degree of learning and therefore the possibility of mistakes. A small off cut for the sculptor, can become useful material to the model maker, who can in turn produce useful off cuts for the jeweller.

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