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05 - Acrylic Sphere

Acrylic sphere
Mould for other spheres made from acrylic sphere.
Sphere vending machine

Some objects can be best achieved with a visit to the shops.

Mass production methods will often achieve results beyond the range of the average workshop, your skills, and crucially before your deadline. The accuracy and clarity of this sphere is worth £2.50 if your work doesn’t require you to learn how to make a perfect sphere in acrylic.

Typical uses are a film or photographic prop, an architectural model, or a pattern for a mould from which casts can be taken (see slide).

In addition the problem of joining the two halves, (see object 24), is resolved using a beautifully fitting push fit rebate. This may be opened and closed offering potential for encapsulating objects.

Similar globes of varying colour and size can often be bought in vending machines that contain children’s novelty gifts.

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