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20 - Dowel and filler cube

Dowel and filler cube

This cube attempts to combine two common materials found in art school workshops, filler and dowelling, both of which rarely have independent lives, and usually serve as auxiliaries to traditional materials and construction processes.

By using conventional processes, gluing, cutting and sanding, but in an atypical and unusual way the qualities of both materials are revealed.

Most of the machinery in art school workshops is manufactured for industrial processes and is in the main designed to serve mass production. Their life in a creative environment can see their possibilities exploited in more imaginative ways; cuts need not be square, or 90 degrees, for instance,( see object 2), and one off projects do not require the control and precsion necessary for mass production. Providing it is safe to do so, the artist may use a power tool or machine in a creative manner. The feedback between hand and eye is immediate, intelligent and controlled. See object 02.

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