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23 - Angle iron cube

Angle iron cube
Angle iron components prepared for welding.

Easily cut by hand and filed to size, each of the 12 lengths can easily be MIG welded, and then finished by grinding.

The angle iron, or “L” section steel lends itself readily to the 3-way right angle joint, and produces an immensely strong structure.

A box configuration as here or its variants can support substantial weight.

See also; object 15, object 52.

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you should have triangulated your ends, rather that having a 2dimensional cut with a flat cut cross connecting piece. think of a 3d puzzle where every piece is the exact same shape. that way each corner would have cross-dimensional-symmetry. so that if you were to look at any corner it would be welded like an X. get it? im just thinking out loud. i think i may do this but add a piece of thick plexi glass to one side as a industrial art coffee table. and keep it un grinded, and showcase some beautiful welds.... it would be cool to plexi glass all openings as well; and, put something in the middle.