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25 - Resin cube

Resin cube
Cracking due to cast overheating.

The loose ball bearing in object 31 is fixed this time, inside a cast of clear polyester resin.

The chemical reaction that causes the resin to set, or cure produces heat particularly in a large cubic mass, and in this case several attempts following the manufacturers instructions failed through the material cracking. See slide.

By casting three blocks of a third of the volume the cast cured satisfactorily with minimum shrinkage.

Ideas can evolve and develop in many directions, for many reasons, and failure of some stages of the process need not necessarily stall the imagination.

The asymmetrical placing of the ball in one of three parts allows it to be placed in 72 different positions relative to the viewer.


See also object 31, object 6,

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resins can be very nasty to use in shared studios, or at home. (they are banned in college apart from a few specialsed workshops, with proper ventilation) Try Bio resins instead- you will get very similar results, and won't stink up your studio......(Canonbury arts website, or Flint's theatre supplies for stock and instructions.) could make your object out of 'Glass Wax'- the stuff used in films to replace glass objects. And you can re-melt and re-use it!