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3d Printer

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Recent visit to BETT show uncovered a couple of interesting/usful/creative Tec that would be good to add to UAL wish list!

The 3DTouch™ printer and RapMan™ printer kit, packed with best-in-class features including multiple print heads, intuitive touchscreens and USB storage. Priced under $1,300, more students can access these innovative educational tools to design.

Seems UAl are already there - What is FABLCC ?  FABLCC is a learning and teaching initiative based at the London College of Communication (LCC) focused on digital fabrication technology. A digital fabricator (or fabber) is a machine that builds (layer-by-layer) three-dimensional plastic objects from digital data. Click here to see a time-lapse build video of our MakerBot Industries Thing-O-Matic in action.  This associated website provides a space to showcase past/present projects as well as a mechanism for LCC students/staff to submit future project ideas ... encouraging developments driven by bottom-up ownership, à la Fab Labs, not top-down planning. For more information, please contact: Tim Fransen Digital Media Technology Technician London College of Communication University of the Arts London -

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3D Printing at Chelsea on the Workbench blog that documents the 3D printer demo some of the CCAD staff attended last Wednesday, please follow the link below.

By all means forward this on to anybody you think might like a look
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