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3D printing made simple (Workshop)

Introduction to 3D printing, using Blender software and our Ultimaker 3D printer for CCW staff & students, the workshop will be led by Alejandro Escobar currently studying on the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of the Arts.

The workshop is part of our new 'Student Led Digital Workshops & Events' pilot project: a series of informal workshops & meet-ups in the spirit of the staff & student collaboration project 'Pop Up Digital MakerSpace'.

Participants who attend are encouraged to help & support others in the group and get involved in the wider community of interests and in future digital making community meet-ups and activities.


To inspire students so they are able to use 3D printing as an active tool for experimentation and creation inside of their own practice.


In this workshop we will go through this set of topics:

  • Introduction to 3D printing
  • Getting around Blender
  • Basic modeling tools
  • Exporting your model
  • Preparing for printing – Using Cura
  • Getting it done – 3D printer set up


  • Tuesday, 8 March 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00 (GMT) SOLD OUT
  • Thursday, 10 March 2016 from 10:00 to 13:00 (GMT) SOLD OUT


About the CCW Pop Up Digital MakerSpace

The group is part of CCW Digital and the CCW Pop Up Digital MakerSpace project an inter-disciplinary Student-Staff Collaboration.

The ‘Pop Up Digital MakerSpace’ project aims to explore, share and build on our knowledge and experience of emergent digital practice and its relationship to disciplines at CCW and beyond.

Twitter: @CCWDigital

Contact: Chris Follows


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