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3d Printing Meet-Up Basics 16-06-16

3d Printing Meet-Up - This meet up is for those new to 3D printing to come along and participate in a small group discussion about 3D printing. It is not a workshop, we will look at designs and try 3D printing together.

When: Thursday 16th June (11am to 1pm)

Where: in A216 CCW Digital Projects Space

Who: any CCW staff or student beginners 8 Max

Digital Maker Collective

Digital Maker Collective is an open group of arts staff, students, alumni, arts sector & arts/tech industries who explore and critique digital making, emergent digital practice, collaboration and the sharing economy through regular interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events.

The Digital Maker Collective values:

  • Support and share unique perspectives of digital making & emergent practice in the arts (openness)
  • Foster a co-produced, participatory approach to exploring digital arts learning and social engagement (trust & generosity)
  • New perspectives & research on the impacts of digital on the the art school, sector & industries e.g. explore enquiry led interdisciplinary art school curriculum (Risk)

Please note:

  • The Collective Is not a service: its a voluntary community who come together via informal meet-ups, workshops & events to learn and share from each other
  • Safe/Fail experiments only: not suitable for meeting course deadlines, submissions & assessments
  • Contribute: Give something back to the community in some way share resources, tips, help others etc.
  • Stay connected: We want to be an open network Alumni, sector & the tech industry
  • Patience/persistence: Being part of the group requires some commitment

We will be posting updates every week/month on and be launching the 'Digital Maker Collective' online soon.

Also keep an eye on:

CCW Digital learning, teaching & enhancement are delighted to be part of @Tate Exchange, an exciting new project at #tatemodern launching this autumn, more details here


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