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The 7th session Creative Commons sharing and promoting your work online

We had our 7th professional online identities project session tonight, Creative Commons sharing and promoting your work online (more info) by Silvia session and Own-It.. The students were really keen to have this copyright /IPR advice, really important for their professional practice, see more about the 1st session Introduction into digital copyright .

Here are some useful links I've collected and came across over the years:

  • Copyright Issues:

This group aims to bring together debate and support around all the copyright developments and issues relevant to digital literacies UAL practice. Please tag related post with copyright issues.

And some Choice content and links:

This is a brilliant tool, creative commons media search, the returned results are all embed with the Creative commons attribution information in the found content, you can also upload your own images.


Lookup open source licenses summarized & explained in plain English:




Own-it offers intellectual property (IP) advice, information and learning resources for the creative sector. We offer a range of services, from basic to specialist support, through an online enquiries system, online and face-to face seminars and workshops  and, where appropriate, surgeries with IP lawyers. We work with a network of IP advisers including leading law firms, law schools and specialists at various trade organisations associated with the creative industries in the UK.

Own-it is funded by the University of the Arts London (UAL). Membership is free to all. UAL staff, students and recent graduates have free access to all services while external users pay a small nominal admin fee for some services such as sample contracts and IP clinics. To register with Own-it and gain free access to our resources, click here.



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