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About CCW Digital Learning, Teaching & Enhancement

CCW Digital explore new academic, technical & student perspectives/engagement of digital across CCW. Activities & projects aim to raise awareness of digital L&T across CCW, UAL & with wider audiences and the sector.

CCW digital work with CCW courses staff & students, gaining trust & respect through exploring collaborations across college/courses with academic, technical, student & the sector.

Where previously digital innovation was mostly technical led, CCW digital have encouraged a shared academic, technical and student led approach to exploring digital.

There has also been an increased level of staff development & consultation work across CCW around the CCW Digital. This has achieved wider conversation and feedback across CCW and meaningful perspectives on CCW digital in learning & teaching.

Digital projects with staff, students & alumni:

Digital meet-ups and projects with staff & students, gaining insights of the digital student experience.

The Digital Maker Collective: The CCW Digital led Digital Maker Collective are an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries.

Regular cross college/course meet-ups: The Collective meet regularly through interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events in collaboration with the arts/tech sector and industries. The Collective has a main core of staff, student & alumni active participates who co-develop activities, meet-ups, workshops & events. There are also over 200 individuals who have shown an interest in the Digital Maker Collective and are part of our wider network.

See Images from Tate: See all Images from our first Digital Maker Tate Exchange event 8th Feb 2017

The 'Pop Up Digital Maker Space' project: CCW Digital successfully bid for 2k funding from the L&T Exchange - hugely successful pilot in supporting staff & student collaborations around technologies and interest/ enquiry led learning (led to the creation of the digital maker collective).

UAL VR Arts Community of practice: CCW Digital in collaboration with other UAL colleges successfully bid for 2k funding and recently presented at the UAL Community of practice event at WCA (Project started Oct 2016).

A216 CCW Digital Projects Space at Chelsea: This space is currently run as a cross college space/base for staff and students to meet and share interests in new and emerging technologies. It also serves as an incubator for new tech experiments and group tech activities, it’s a place for staff & students to explore proof of concepts for tech in the curriculum where and a base in which to consider curriculum amplification and dampening strategies.

CCW Staff & Students Digital Events:

Tate Exchange: CCW Digital led Digital Maker Collective are one of 50 UK Tate Exchange Associates from across the country to be Founding Associates invited to be part in leading a programme of activities at the Tate Exchange 2017. We are currently in the final stages of planning the programme with the Collective which also includes participation from courses and staff across CCW as well as from UAL and external tech & sector national & international collaborations. 100s of UAL students are involved in this project.

Mozilla Festival 2016: CCW Digital, Mozilla took part in our first Mozilla Festival (MozFest) over the weekend, October 28-30, 2016 at Ravensbourne College, London. MozFest is the world's leading festival for the open internet movement. A team of 12 UAL arts staff, students & alumni volunteers, drew lots of interest from 100s of visitors who really enjoyed learning about and interacting with the art school perspectives to technologies.  

CCW Digital Maker Week: Between the 16th & 20th May 2016 CCW Digital held its first CCW Digital Maker Week which welcomed over 400+ visitors from Wimbledon to St Petersburg. 

Chelsea Jam: Chelsea Jam was CCW Digital’s first Digital Maker gathering 'CCW Digital MakerSpace' event on May 13th 2015 at Chelsea College of Arts. See a selection of images from the Chelsea Jam here.

Curriculum & Staff Development:

Exploring Emergent Technologies across art and design: CCW Digital in collaboration with Bernd Behr and Cyril Shing successfully bid for 4k funding from the L&T Exchange - UAL Curriculum Development Funding to co-develop an ‘Emergent Technologies in the Curriculum’ case study resource for course teams with BA Interior & Spatial Design, Chelsea and BA Photography, Camberwell, due to complete Dec 2016.

Staff Development New Technologies away days - Fab Lab London Workshops: Provided basic introduction and awareness of new technologies to 60+ staff and to the London makerspace scene: Essentials of 3D Printing and 3D Design - Internet of Things and Cloud Computing - Robotics - Arduino for artists.

Publication: ‘The Creative Stance’ CWW Digital events & activities such as such as Chelsea Jam 2015 and the Digital Maker Week 2016 are featured in upcoming book ‘The Creative Stance’ book to be launch on 23/11/16. What does it mean to be ‘creative’? What’s the point of a creative education? What happens at art school? It is essential reading for the first-time art student, the entrepreneur, and anyone who has ever felt the need to create.

Dialogue Events: Digital Enhancement - large focus group debate around CCW digital learning, teaching & practice. There were then breakout group discussions where staff can drop-in on specialist groups who will share their experiences of digital L&T

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