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About the UAL ArtsBox Service

UAL has its own in-house file ‘dropbox’ facility ArtsBox which  allows staff to transfer large files to and from the university, without having to use external commercial systems (such as Dropbox). If you are transferring confidential information or files please therefore use the university system.

Email messages with large attachments can wreak havoc on email servers and end-users' computers. Downloading such email messages can take hours on a slow Internet connection and block any sending or receiving of messages during that time. In some cases, the download will fail repeatedly, breaking the recipient's ability to receive mail at all. Also, Internet email clients add considerably to the size of the file being sent. For example, saving an Outlook message with an attachment adds up to 40% to the file's size. To share files larger than 1MB, use the ArtsBox to temporarily make a file (or files) available to another user across the Internet, in a secure and efficient manner. 

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