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Alison Knowles Q & A

In the early Sixties Alison Knowles composed the Notations book of experimental composition with John Cage as well as Coeurs Volants, a print with Marcel Duchamp, both were published by Something Else Press. She also traveled and performed with the Fluxus group throughout Europe, Asia and United States. With Fluxus she made the Bean Rolls by invitation of George Maciunus, a canned book that appeared in the Whitney Museum exhibition The American Century (2000). The Big Book (1967), a walk in book installation was comprised of 8-ft. pages, moving around a center spine, permitting the spectator/reader to go inside the book. In 1968, The House of Dust, programmed with the help of composer Jim Tenney, was recognized as the first computer poem on record, winning her a Guggenheim Fellowship; she brought this work to CalArts while she taught there from 70-72.......

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