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Alternative software

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What alternative Free and open-source software (FLOSS) software would you recommend?

  • Presentation
  • Film and image editing
  • Alternatives to the Adobe suite of tools


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How to Make GIMP Work More Like Photoshop

How to Make GIMP Work More Like Photoshop

Over six months ago, I stopped using Adobe Photoshop and switched to the open source alternative, GIMP, for all my personal photography projects. This wasn't the impossible task that most people believe it is ... read more -

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Presentation slides

Please note that I have now attached the presentation slides from the last event discussing alternative and open source software here:

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Software Suggestions

A couple of quick suggestions ...

Presentations - LibreOffice (although I much prefer the Presentation option in Google docs myself at it allows me to easily embed and share online as well as download in different formats).

Film Editor - Openshot well worth looking at! This is being developed further as we speak and will also be available for the Windows and Mac environments as well as (I think) a 'hosted' option.

Photo Editing - Gimp;  DigiKam (like an open source Lightroom)