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Benefits and beneficiaries DIAL Professional Online Identities Project

Benefits and beneficiaries DIAL Professional Online Identities Project

Area / Project

Professional Online Identities (POI) Professional online web skills & online identities, with the aim of enhancing student/graduate employability and industry readiness. Also see connected projects: Drupal - V-Mails and Video presentation skills

DL Skills


Identity work, IPR & Copyright, Creative Commons, Web design, Blogging, Open Source use, Rich media handling, Coding, Social media

DL Skills Project staff

All project staff involved said how much more aware they were of the importance of these skills and how it will impact on future development.

Who & numbers

BA Students = 60+ Alumni = 10 CSM PDP students Yr. 1,2,3 & All students

STAFF = 20 CSM course staff, Course Director, Central services & all UAL staff for training

CSM, LCC, LCF, WCA, Sector, Departments, SEE, Learn IT, OD&L, Own-IT, CC Skills


Attended training & student planning of POI Programme

Attended training & planning and delivery of POI Programme

Cross college Planning Team Meetings

Short term results/ outputs

New areas of training

Better experience

New CoPs

OER resources

New course awareness & context for integrating professional web skills into curriculum. New training, CoPs, OERs

New cross college collaboration and partnerships model, wider debate

Medium term results / benefits

CSM Stage 2 POI training guaranteed Aut’ 13 term professional practice unit, and Yr. 3 is Optional

Curriculum stage 2 embedding of POI programme in Aut’ 13 term

Model for POI future curriculum integration in other UAL courses

Long term results/ sustainable outcomes

Students are more confident & aware of sharing professional practice online for improved employability


A pilot for POI Curriculum embedding, demonstrates this CSM course as an innovator in this area and possible wider integration

Become sector leader and encourage more collaboration




- POI Programme (9 training sessions)

- Developing your online professional identities

- Improving Your Prospects through Online Profiles

- Meeting and survey notes for online identities project

- Audio recording of intro

- Professional Identities Workshop (reflection)

- Staff IPR workshop

- IP and Creative Commons Sessions Feedback (Students)

- The Objective Design Process with Mark Wells (Reflection, comments)

- Objective design process (staff/researcher feedback 1 of 3)

- UAL badges first meeting

- Feedback on understanding good practice for improving Social visibility

- Staff researcher feedback

- LSP feedback (students)

- Web coding with Freeformers at LCC
- EGOER and open practice identities Abstract and Full Paper


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