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BOLD RESOURCEFULNESS - Redefining employability and entrepreneurial learning (2007-2008)

An investigation into the provision of professional development and entrepreneurial learning in UAL’s curriculum.


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Redefining employability and entrepreneurial learning HEIF Funded Project 2007 - 2008

A short summary outlining Aims and Rationale, Key Findings, Recommendations for Consultation and Action


The Context for Professional Development and Enterprise

Contents, List of Figures, Introduction and Aims

  1. The context: new models for creative higher education and work
    Key issues for graduate employability and entrepreneurial learning and relationship to changes in higher education and the workplace.
  2. 'Bold resourcefulness' - redefining entrepreneurship
Explores terminology around PPD, PDP, enterprise and employability and the relationships between.
  3. Entrepreneurship through creative practice
    Focuses on a broader interpretation of creative entrepreneurship and where it occurs in creative practice.
  4. Research into professional development needs
Research review of student and professional development together with employer needs, skills gaps and recommendations for the curriculum.
  5. Models of practice
Models of learning and teaching practice for professional development in the curriculum in creative subjects, employability learning and Personal Development Planning



Professional Development and enterprise at the University of the Arts London

Contents, List of Figures, Introduction and Aims

  1. University of the Arts London - an enterprising university
Mapping of PPD, employability and enterprise in University of the Arts London curriculum, identification of main concerns and key factors.
  2. The creative curriculum at University of the Arts London
Exemplars of student learning for enterprise and employability in University of the Arts London courses.
  3. The student and graduate voice
    Findings of pilot studies relating to the student experience and graduate aspirations.
  4. Emerging issues and priorities
Discussion of the priorities for strengthening the curriculum.
  5. Recommendations
A progressive strategy for enhancing students' potential for employment and entrepreneurship
Bibliography and references. Sources and references.



Appendix 1 - A framework for entrepreneurship education

Appendix 2 - National Employability Profiles for creative subjects

Appendix 3 - PPD models at each College


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