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A brief Intoduction to 'Paint Club at Tate Britain', Friday 7th March, 1pm

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Thanks to everyone for the tremendous response to this event. 

A reminder to all of you who have tickets, that it happens at Tate Britain (NOT Tate Modern), this coming Friday 7th March at 1 pm

If you haven't yet booked, there are just a few seats left: Click here to book a place (but only if you want to!).
Was John Martin a slave to spectacle, born 200 years too early for CGI 3D cinema?
Was Kitaj doomed to hesitate on the brink of 'modern art'?
Was Sickert a Pop Artist stuck in Edwardian London?
Are works of art, once acceded to a Museum collection, insulated from further contention and reinterpretation, just as they may be rescued from the vicariousness of the marketplace?
Does new painting always have to genuflect to art of the past?

We are still collecting questions and themes for discussion by the panel. See below or click here to submit those.
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Be good to hear from anyone who went to this today? Unfortunately I would have loved to have gone along but was busy but looking forward to the next one.

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