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Camberwell Material Library

Camberwell Material Library (created by Site created by Isabelle Tasseff-Elenkoff) is a research tool for students and staff at Camberwell college of Arts and across the University of the Arts London.
The library acts as an electronic address book for industry contacts, materials' information and podcasts of material technologies.
The library is currently in its construction and is an on going project. It is also linked to a tangible material samples library which will be located in the design cluster process room at Camberwell College of Arts.
All students and staff are welcome to visit both libraries as they grow and develop.
Students and staff should be aware that collecting samples is difficult and time consuming. The material library offers the opportunity to view materials, not to take them away.

The following pages are available to view even though they are not complete.
This online resource is now linked to Central St Martins' Material and Products collection whose address is as follows:

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