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CardioNation: Rhythming a Shirt Right !!!

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Avinash Raipally

Fashion designers are the real masters that embellish the beauty of women and smartness of men. Designers shape up bodies in the most modest manner and make anyone look stunning and sensuous. Now it’s time for us to shape up their health too.

Why do shirts have a pocket on the left side?

1. Because most people are right-handed, and it would be easy to take things out from left. But all these ages’ left-handers could easily use a left pocket, so right-handers can pretty much use a right pocket. Why not make the left-handers fell good for a change?

2. In mankind’s thinking the heart is towards the left - anatomically the heart is almost centred, but a little towards the left side. The pocket is where a loving man’s heart is and he is carrying his pocket money with him most of the time.

Why should shirts have a pocket on the right side?

As the advancement of technology took over, we started using mobile phones, I-pods etc in our pockets which are now dearer to us than most of the things.

The most basic fact about cell phones is that they emit microwave radiation and studies reveal that cell phones kept close to the heart is one of the reasons for heart attacks and strokes in young people.

So is it not our responsibility as designers to change the way we shape the future generations and lessen the burden on the heart?

Therefore I plead all the design fraternity, design houses and glorified tailors to stitch the pocket towards right.

Let’s make the world we live in a better place at least for the coming generations in our own small way by contributing the pocket to the right.

Prevention is better than cure. As the coming generations need a better future, let’s be part of the prevention. With burning hearts, the design world’s still cold? NO. So let’s make a change and a move that’s bold. LETS HEAL THE WORLD AND LET’S MAKE A CHANGE TODAY ONWARDS. I guess all the design community would be greatly acknowledged for our shift of the pocket. RIGHT IS RIGHT!!!


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