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Case study Pt2: OEP & process.arts at UAL

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Part 2 of a 60 minute presentation (see part 1) by Chris Follows who leads a presentation followed by discussion on UALs (University of the arts London) perspectives of developing open participatory education and social media content groups and networks through  "" an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of art, design and media staff, students, alumni and practitioners. Part of Drawing on All Resources: University of Brighton developing open educational practice in art, design and media. 16th May 2012 Sallis Benney Theatre.


Chris Follows will summarise UALs experience of developing process.arts from grassroots innovation to an institutional service.

process.arts emerged from grassroots activity, since 2006 its maintained a sustainable and independent system of development, through agile web development. The project fully relays on individual and group participation and is managed and developed through a combination of voluntary participation, research secondments and fellowships. The project has never been an official institutional service and no one is employed to support the site. The overall concept is to encourage ‘open practice’ cross college communication and knowledge sharing within UAL and wider engagement with alumni, industry and the sector. It’s hoped over time and through promoting sites like process.arts, participation in Open educational web environments will become more accepted in academia and participants will begin to embed open participatory education practice into existing day-to-day practice. Create account on process.arts


Chris Follows has worked at the University of the Arts London for 7 years and been researching and developing practice based Art and Design open educational media content communities since 2007. Chris is currently  HYPERLINK "" DIAL project manager (digital Integration into arts learning) part of the JISC UK Developing digital literacies programme,  HYPERLINK "" SCORE fellow at the Open University, web environment coordinator for  HYPERLINK "" ALTO & ALTO UK (JISC UK OER programme) and the initiator of the  HYPERLINK "" . Other projects include NAM: Conflict and media  HYPERLINK ""

Chris is a painter and works in his studio an artist run space is in Stockwell, London -


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