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CCW Digital Maker Collective and the Tate Exchange

It was a fantastic launch party last night at the new Tate Modern, there’s clearly a great sense of excitement and new beginnings in how we participate and experience the arts.  

CCW Digital learning, teaching & enhancement are delighted to be part of @Tate Exchange, an exciting new project at #tatemodern launching this autumn, more details about the Tate Exchange associates programme will follow in September.

Now the New Tate Modern is officially open we can look forward to working with the Digital Maker Collective (read more about the collective below) in exploring the space and the collection and start to work on developing our interventions with the Tate Exchange. 

CCW Digital Learning, Teaching & Enhancement at University of the Arts London (UAL) supports activities and projects that explore & research digital learning & teaching practice at Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Art.

Digital Maker Collective is an open group of arts staff, students, alumni, arts sector & arts/tech industries who explore and critique digital making, emergent digital practice, collaboration and the sharing economy through regular interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events.

The Digital Maker Collective values:

  • Support and share unique perspectives of digital making & emergent practice in the arts (openness)
  • Foster a co-produced, participatory approach to exploring digital arts learning and social engagement (trust & generosity)
  • New perspectives & research on the impacts of digital on the the art school, sector & industries e.g. explore enquiry led interdisciplinary art school curriculum (Risk)


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