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The CCW Digital Zoo: A Collaborative Project

In order to lend the Digital Makers Collective Collaborative Project more direction and focus, we have decided to come up with a more specific outline.


We'll be making a virtual zoo! 


This will be a virtual, web based space where there are animals who live out their lives on the internet, interacting with one another and developing over time. In Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon will be installations setup with sensors that allow people to influence the animals that correspond to the appropriate college. For instance, people could use touch sensitive sculptures to feed the animals, so that they grow (and don't die). 


We hope that this will give people a greater attachment to the artwork, while also enabling indirect and subtle cross-college interaction.


We are open to suggestions and comments on this project, and everyone is welcome to contribute as much as they like! I must reiterate, however, that this is not a workshop for teaching skills. 


The technology involved as this currently stands includes Arduino and web programming. We are happy to introduce more technology, but if it's not something we're familiar with, then we will need help from someone who can commit to the project long term.


Next week we will be meeting up on Tuesday and on Friday (from 10.30 until 17.00) for making and experimentation. Feel free to drop by if you would like to contribute to the project! 


You're also welcome to contact me with comments and suggestions by email or facebook.


Daniel Bandfield

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