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CCW ON POINT, meeting one


Notes from Jheni Arboine
I explained the project to the group and Joe Easeman was able to clarify and particular questions or queries that they had.
I asked each person to use the little post-it notes to write down an inventory of all the online platforms /social networking site that they were on.
Emily completed the task and was very surprised at how many things she was on and that she had never done this exercise before and she found it very revealing.
Some of the other distinguished which parts were for a professional function and not social.
We talked about the issues and problems related to setting up a website. The costs, the confusion, coding, online etiquette issues. We talked briefly about intellectual property rights and showing work on blogs and FB.

 Name of web based tools talked about in the meeting:

godaddy.commoonfruit,google Facebooktwitter myspacetumblruber taxi,webinars, profile and cover pics FB, linkedinebay,flickrskypevimeoyoutubespotifywhatsapp,snapchatgmailinstagram, website, estyreddit, hosting, 123reg

I asked the question of where do they see themselves in two years time. Responses included;

-a professional website that describes what I do

-up to date information on the site

-having an email address with a sensible name

-work in different ways

-buy all domain names

post it notes showing what online tools the community members at CCW ON POINT use.





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