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CCW ON POINT notes from the second meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;
Notes of the meeting
This meeting had refreshments and this made a big difference to the number of people who took part.
Quote of the meeting;
‘From my experience, your visibility on line correlates strongly to having a successful business’ by Monika Kita [Staff]
Friday 6th June 2014 community meeting 
I asked people to reflect of my list of questions and respond or raise other issues.
My questions;
What should the colleges be making available for students?
Why should students be encouraged to focus on their online professional identity?
What event would you like to see being set up? Where do you go for help/support with online issues? What are the basics?
Joshua [Chelsea Salon] he raised the issue about interconnectivity between college projects; images of work and artist statements; professional practice development events, archiving events. He is studying for his PhD at Chelsea
Juni, she plans to build her website over the summer holidays she is currently in the second year of the interior spatial design BA course.
Polly, she had used the blog section on Moodle but found it was hard to make it look right and aesthetics are important to online content. Polly also raised the issue of copyright and Facebook and that students should be made aware of this with regard to their work. She also suggested that information on online issues should be part of the lecture series or a pre lecture talk to ensure that students attend.
Amy, explained that there is a lot of time in the first year so it a better time to raise awareness of professional online presence. Not enough cross-year anything and she felt this would be of great benefit to students. She raised the importance of students looking at professional information, e.g. online information on PV at exhibitions in London. Having organized events and meetings around the subject would be less intimidating for some students.
Mary, she blogs about gallery visits and she uses Word press she found it easy to use at first and now that the format has changed she find it confusing. She felt that there should bemore help with this and that Linda the online training was available but face to face was also important. Mary suggested a professional center with a weekl ong support for learning how to make websites, business cards and advice on the right companies to work with. If this were setup by the third year students would have a professional online identity. Mary felt it would be a good idea to have a mix of groups in the first year when they are fresh and will grab information.
Tanya, mature students will tend to be on LinkedIn and she has a back ground in business development. She also has a Twitter account
Claire, she uses FB for social platform, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter for political issues, and she has used Tumbler in the past
Charlotte, she uses Twitter, FB, Instagram, Blog spot and she had a Word Press blog in the past.
I spoke to the above three FDA students together and they raised the following points. On their course there was no mention on online professional presence. They were not sure where to go to find help or information. They had expected more industry professional input into the course and they suggest that an event that looked at the day in the life of a professional would be very helpful. They suggested that, talks from industry professionals about careers and internship opportunities would be very helpful.
Their response to the 2 year question, they would have professional websites, Google ad words , adverts, videos, blogs, a book as an amazing hand out and business cards.
Bos, he was walking through the canteen and I stopped him to explain the project and he had to go back up to work so he gave me his email. I thought Bos would be a great staff member to get involved as he work in the Computer room upstairs in the library at Chelsea College
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