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CCW ON POINT notes from the third 'all group' meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;

Issues/ideas raised by ONPOINT meetings

- Cross discipline clusters to discuss online professional presence. All of the CCW community felt that this would be a great pilot idea, to get all the first years together at the beginning of the academic year to meet and discuss these issues. Many felt this would enable cross discipline network and friendships.
- A professional hub on professional identity to talk through problems/issues with experts and work very similarly to the current technical workshops. Access to professionals within the industry.
- Basic skills in coding, building websites, blogs and other on line platforms. In the first and second year of study.
- ‘Gardeners question time’ event for key specialist to come in and any question and relay their expectations of students in the creative industries. Jude Kelly, Michelle Ogundehin, Terrance Conran, Paul Smith, Oswald Botang
General discussion about points from the other groups
We watched a short film about a method for mapping online presence to show personal and professional use. We were encouraged to have a go.
The other group came up with the brilliant idea on a student led online magazine
CCW ONPOINT at meeting of all the Groups
Community developer Jheni Arboine BA Fine Art stage 3
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