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Changing the Learning Landscape Team

There are four 'community developers' working on this project, one from each college group, CSM, LCC, LCF AND CCW. Each community developer is working to establish communities within there colleges to explore and discuss issues relating to professional online identities. This will include, how you establish yourself online, what sites are you represented on, how do people perceive you online, what issues do you encounter, are there any issues relating to copyright, censorship, do students and graduates have the tools to set themselves up as professionals online?


Here is a short introduction to our 'Changing the Learning Landscape' team.


Kimberley, Communtiy Developer CSM

Kimberley is current a 2nd year student at Central Saint Martins studying BA (Hons) Criticism, Communication & Curation. Kimberley is a community developer  at CSM for the DIAL project focusing on the importance of an online presence for Art related practices. It is through the interaction of the community that we can uncover the trials and tribulations of online identities.

Kimberley has worked both on and off camera in numerous feature films, music videos and fashion films. She has produced three fashion films for brand Serge DeNimes. Through her curation degree at CSM she is involved in inter-disciplinary collaborations including the project Generation Jo'burg, which is currently in development.


Filip, Community Developer, LCC


Filip is currently studying on FdA Production for Live Event and TV, Year 2 at LCC. Filip is also the President of UAL LGBTQ Society, Deputy Editor of Less Common, and the Arts Co-ordinator for National Student Pride. At the moment Filip is working as a Steward on the Online Identities Project.

Filip is an entry-level practitioner with experience in directing and production of videos, events and theatre. Progressing onto MA Performance Design and Practice at CSM in September 2014, Filip wants to focus my academic and professional development on theatre and creating alternative theatre genres.

Bowen, Communtiy Developer, LCF


Bowen is the community developer at LCF of the DIAL Project. As a community developer, Bowen's role is to explore any issues on how to present yourself professionally after leaving university and come out with a solutions.

Bowen is currently studying the BA Fashion Journalism course with great passion on fashion writing. As well as  a fashion blogger on and the editorial team in Ligature Magazine.

Jheni, Community Developer, CCW


Jheni is currently studying BA Fine Art at Chelsea college of art. Jheni will be facilitating one of the four communities for this project at chelsea, called CCW ON POINT. The aim of this community is to look at the issues around having a professional online presence that is ON POINT. Meetings will take place at chelsea college of art canteen on Fridays at 1pm, and will consist of four meetings over the next four weeks. 



Joe Easeman, DIAL project coordinator

Joe is the DIAL project coordinator, Digital Integration Into Arts Learning', which is part of CLTAD the Centre for Learning and Teaching Art and Design.

Joe's role in this project is to coordinate the communities and community developers, to help and support them, inputting where needs arise. Joe will be involved throughout the project in both a physical and online capacity to get involved in the communities, help with data collection and findings and to help with resource production.

Joe graduated from the BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2011, and work as a performance and video artist. Joe co-runs a non-format arts organization called The NO Collective, based in Romford, Essex. The NO Collective works closely with the Romford Contemporary Arts Program (RCAP), but also do work with a number of other organizations in the UK and Europe.



Chris Follows DIAL Project Manager

Chris Follows is the DIAL project manager 'Digital Integration Into Arts Learning' part of CLTAD the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design.

Chris joined the University of the Arts London UAL in 2003 and since 2007 has been exploring and experimenting with new approaches and models for online open practice, collaboration & innovation. Chris completed a year-long SCORE fellowship at the Open University in 2012 and is the initiator of and process.arts exploring open online communities for sharing art, design and media practice based learning and teaching.


More Information: here.


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