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Church Installation

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I have been working with sketch up to design my church installation, the program has allowed me to develop my ideas further; now I am aware of where I am going to place objects within the space, I can also work with the exact dimensions of the walls and items. This video creates the illusion that you are walking into my work and looking around the piece. This is going to help me create my final outcome, whilst also allowing the tech team to see clearly what I am trying to construct.

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This visualization of an installation for an exhibition is an excellent means of communicating the idea to all those who may be involved.

Given that at the time of planning, installations take place in the future, and often in a space that is currently in use, an accurate depiction as here, and at this point in time (i.e in good time), will go a long way to ensuring success.

Often there is an element of installation art that is interested in the impromptu and 'on the day' juxtapositions, and almost inevitably there will be some changes during its construction. A well conceived drawing as here serves as foundation on which the certainties can be established, allowing the artist to delegate certain responsibilities to assistants or technical staff and concentrate better on their own area of expertise.

Where a work is part of a group exhibition, the curator will also appreciate an accurate proposal; installation works can often affect the work displayed nearby.

Paul Lindley.